Meet Kuju. The best we can do in terms of budget friendly high tech smartwatch


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Not only a high tech accessory...

... But a real assistant to stay in tune with your body and mind

Stay Connected. Whenever, Wherever

Your Ultimate Health Buddy

Never be without it except if you want to 

24/7 Connectivity - Fitness - Health Tracker

What else ?


 ✔️Long battery life

 ✔️Short charging time

 ✔️Budget friendly

 ✔️Designed for men and women


 ✔️ Compatible with Android (4,4+) and iPhone (iOS 8,4+)



 ✔️Editable main menu


Enjoy your music

Have a good jog to music by controlling it with Kuju. No need to carry your giant smartphone while you run or scare it into falling out of your pocket.

Enjoy your parties without having to stop dancing between songs and by putting your tunes on your wrist while executing your best steps.

Wear your Kuju With Style

Take Life to an All New Level with Kuju